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A guide to renter’s insurance

Renter’s insurance is not always required by every landlord, but in the long run, having coverage could save you thousands of dollars! Similar to auto or other insurance policies, Renter’s insurance, monthly premiums are paid to secure your assets in … Continue reading

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Low Vacancy Rates Make Renting Difficult

A recent article in the Chicago Tribune shed more light on why the rental market has been so difficult for renters this year! With low vacancy rates, landlords are receiving higher rents while fewer and fewer apartments come available. This … Continue reading

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Renewal Rates High, Prices Are Too

As the 2012 Rental Season heats up, communications with many of Rentology’s property owners has revealed a larger than average renewal rate among their current tenants. Since many renters negotiated the rental prices of their current apartment, landlords are now … Continue reading

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Moving Out of the Basement

Recent improvements in the job market have helped many post-graduates who moved home after college. Now, with a better jobs available, and a few more bucks in their pockets, many are moving our of their parents basements (or old bedroom) … Continue reading

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