Our Advertising

Today’s Rental market requires a multi-dimensional approach to marketing, incorporating a mix of traditional and online campaigns. Advances in technology require a greater understanding of online marketing. Being aware of those challenges has helped us to develop more effective marketing campaigns which in turn bring you more renters!

The Craigslist SolutionRentology Advertises on Craigslist

Year after year, Craigslist’s presence in the online marketplace grows and grows. With remarkable growth come tremendous challenges. Craigslist policy changes have led to more fierce restrictions on the number of times an apartment can be marketed weekly. Posting to Craigslist has become a full time job! Rentology recognizes those challenges and has incorporated strategies which allow each of our agents to post your apartment more often.

Check out Rentology apartments on Hotpads.com and Padmapper.com

Map Based Applications

Map Based Applications have quickly become a popular alternative to the plainer visual approach of Craigslist. Still allowing apartment seekers to enter in standard search criteria (price, size, pets, etc.), the results then appear on a more user-friendly interactive map. These applications offer an easy to read platform allowing users to visually verify that the apartments that fit their price and size specifications also meet their desired location requirements.

Social MediaLike Rentology of Facebook

Experiencing exponential growth, the Social Media explosion has emerged as another way to share information with friends, family, and potential clients. A frequently checked source of information, Social Media allows Rentology to utilize its personal relationships to spread the word about extraordinary rental properties.