Do you collect a fee the following year if the tenants renew?

No. Rentology only charges a fee if your need us to find new tenants the following year.

What will it cost to list my property with Rentology?

There is no fee to list your property with Rentology. If we are the party that submits an application that is approved by you and our clients sign a lease, a commission of 1 month’s rent will be paid to our brokerage.

Who makes the final decision on whether to approve a set of applications?

You do. Rentology can make suggestions based on the current marketplace but the final decision is ultimately up to the owner.

What is your qualification process for prospective renters?

All persons over the age of 18 are required to submit a completed application to Rentology. We pull the credit information for each adult to verify that they have a good track record of paying their bills. We also verify their employment and rental history with their previous landlord.

How will you access my unit?

The preferred method to access your rental unit is to provide us with a set of keys or to put it on a lockbox. Those methods allow the greatest flexibility to show when our clients are available.

What kind of agreement do I have to sign?

Most landlords that work with Rentology sign a non-exclusive agreement, allowing them to work with other agencies as they see fit. Other landlord’s have enjoyed the professionalism Rentology offers enough to only utilize our services.

How do I list my property with Rentology?

If you are interested in listing your apartments or condo with Rentology, a representative from our staff will arrange a visit with you at the property. We will explain the details of our agreement as well as walk through and photograph the unit.

Can I market my property too?

Yes, all landlords can still market and show their own apartments or condo. However, one of the features of our service is the ability to market these units more frequently, which bring your unit greater attention, allowing us to show it more often.

What methods of advertising will you use to market my property?

Currently, Craigslist is still one of the most popular ways for prospective renters to find their next home. Rentology also utilizes Hotpads, Padmapper, Trulia, Oodle and a few other online sources.

What will Rentology do to get my apartment rented?

Rentology is a complete service! We market your property through a variety of outlets, acquire clients to view your property, coordinate showings, receive, verify and review applications and, if approved, execute a lease on your behalf. For additional details on our service, please view our Landlord Services or Contact Us!

Why should I work with your apartment brokerage?

Rentology specializes in the rental side of real estate. With an experienced staff, we help to maximize your exposure with potential renters, take control of the showing process to reduce your time commitment, complete a screening process that helps provide qualified tenants, and help with the lease execution and administrative processes to secure a new tenant